TRICLEANIUM is a wholly Australian owned family business and has been in the market place for more than 50 years.

TRICLEANIUM is a concentrated cleaning product in crystal form (100% alkaline salts). It is not diluted by fillers or water.

TRICLEANIUM’s ultra concentrated power means it can tackle the toughest jobs that other products won’t touch including BBQs, range hoods, greasy driveways, cleaning in engineering works and the like.

TRICLEANIUM can be used on almost any washable surface (floors, walls, concrete, kitchen appliances, fibreglass, tiles etc) but prolonged contact with exposed aluminium and brass should be avoided.

TRICLEANIUM is the most concentrated product on the market and is cheaper than less powerful cleaners. Tricleanium’s concentration means it can be diluted to match the job.
Before painting or wallpapering
On internal or external walls, floors, bench tops, tiles, slate, stainless steel, baths, glass, stove tops, range hoods, fridges, cupboards, shelves, greasy oven trays, home brewing equipment.
To clean musty washing machines
Outside on greasy driveways or garage floors, boats or BBQ's.
In the factory, commercial kitchen, where concentrated cleaning power or degreasing is needed.
What is Tricleanium?                      
The BEST concentrated cleaning product, BAR NONE!
Ultra Concentrated Cleaner

Tricleanium is available in 2.2 kg or 1 kg containers, and the NEW single use Tricleanium sachet!